Rachel's Amazon Images


Cyane made her appearance in the episode "Adventures In The Sin Trade" as the queen of a northern tribe of Amazons. Played perfectly by Vicki Pratt, I couldn't help but go "ga-ga" over the way she carried herself. I think she's SOOOOO gorgeous, and am including a "non-Xena" pic of her below. She is also a muscle magazine model. :)

WOWZERS! (heehee!)


Eponin...the stoic weaponmaster, and the amazon who taught Gabrielle to use her staff. Her only appearance to date was in 'Hooves and Harlots', but is rumored to be making an appearance in the forthcoming Season 5. Despite her limited airtime, she has become a favorite of Fan Fiction writers throughout the Xenaverse.


Queen Melosa also made her only appearance in 'Hooves and Harlots'. Played wonderfully by Alison Bruce, Melosa was killed by Velasca (off screen) in the episode 'The Quest", allowing our grieving bard to become Queen of the Amazons.


Amarice came onto the Xenaverse scene in the episode "Endgame", and also in "The Ides Of March". Ok, she's cute, but I'm not too fond of her acting ability. (hehe) I didn't like the way she forced herself on X&G, and didn't like the way X&G just accepted her traveling with them without even an argument. Boring...UNLESS of course, she ends up being Callisto's sister, which would indeed be interesting. (Having seen The season 5 premiere now, ok, well she's better in this episode than her last two. I will reserve my judgement on her acting until i see more.)


Terreis, the Amazon Princess of the Arborian tribe appeared briefly in "Hooves and Harlots". She was felled by an arrow from a band of mercenaries, and Gabrielle (being the kind of person she is) threw herself over Terreis' body to shield her from more. However, it wasn't the princess' lucky day, and her dying words were to pass her "right of caste" on to Gabrielle. Such is how Gabrielle took her place as the tribe's heir to the throne.


Oteri is the leader of the Siberian Amazon tribe, (introduced in 'Adventures in the Sin Trade')which once was ruled by Cyane. She is the one who prevents her friends from killing Xena's body while she is in her trance state, and searching for Gabrielle. She is smart and wise, and dangit...not bad looking either as u can see from the sweat hut pic above! ;)


Alti also made her first appearance in 'Adventures in the Sin Trade', and is an evil and powerful shamaness whose only goal in life (or death) is to become even more powerful than she already is. She can show people visions of their futures, as she did to Xena. (who has since dreaded the day Alti's prophecy of hers and Gabrielle's deaths would come true. {'Ides of March'})