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Denotes winner of The Bardic Excellence Award.

"Diary Of A Madwoman" (R) My first attempt at Fan Fiction. I always wondered how Callisto became the lunatic she has, so I decided to tell her story my way :) X&G have not quite yet admitted their feelings toward one another, and Callisto thinks she can use that against Xena. But along the way Callisto figures out that maybe she isn't so inhuman after all, finding herself inexplicably drawn to a certain blonde Regent...

"The Amazon Way" (R) So just what were Ephiny, Solari and Eponin like when they were younger? Let me put it this way....Ephiny was not always so diplomatic, Solari was not always such a tease, and Eponin was not always....well ok, yes she has always been sorta stoic and grumpy, but she's sensitive too! (hehe) Follow their adventures as they learn all about life, love, friendship and "The Amazon Way".

Xippy Award: August, 2000. "My Dearest Friend..." (PG-13) Gabrielle is faced with having to read a scroll that was contingent upon Ephiny's death.

"Unforgetable" (R) I was so captured by the new character of Varia, and having noticed some strange looks between her and Eve...(namely the copycat "You show me your battle wounds and I'll show you mine..." scene from that Mel Gibson/Rene Russo movie, Lethal Weapon 4.) I decided to write a story about them that I felt told the complete story behind the looks they gave each other in the real Xena episode. Hope you like's a serious story about a serious love. :)

"Undeniable" (R) The sequel to "Unforgetable". Varia and Eve have been separated for nearly a moon, Eve being drawn back to her duties in her home village. Mass beatings on the practice field are becoming the daily grind as Varia's pent up anxiety begins to be too much for her, forcing her Amazon sisters to take drastic actions to save their own skin. A made-up festival, some suicidal brigands, and the realizations one has when falling in love round out this romantic piece. Enjoy!

"A Smith's Tale" (R) This is the story of an Amazon blacksmith named Rose. Not necessarily a story of her life, but more a story of what's happening in her life now. She makes her home on the outskirts of Amazon territory, and lives pretty much in solitude of her own choosing. Her heart has been broken in the past, and since then she has thrown herself into her work. Can Eve and Varia help her break through the walls that she has built around herself? Read on and find out. :)

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The link above will take you directly to Missy Good's fanfiction. Not only is she the absolute BEST writer in the Xenaverse, she has branched out into her own fiction and it is every bit as good as the Xena fic she writes. You will find ALL of her stories here. A word of better have about a week's worth of free time to read everything from the beginning, because once you start, you won't be able to stop. Trust me on this....I know. *grin*

Alexiares and Rachel Hahn

"Liaisons Ridiculeuse" (R) BY THE GODS the unthinkable has occurred!!! Rachel and Alexiares have combined their talents to bring you what they consider to be a "Remarkably funny, yet still somewhat interesting piece...." Eponin and Solari get volunteered to take an invitation to Ankithea, resulting in Thraso and Eumache making a trip to Arboria for the joining ceremony of Regent Ephiny and Callisto. Embarassing predicaments, practical jokes and all out hilarious and improbable situations are just part of the thrill ride here! So, if u are in the mood for a heavy dose of laughter and romance, take a peek at this continually developing escapade...oh, and don't forget to have a cold drink near! :)

L. Fox
(To read more of L. Fox's AWESOME Ephiny stories, visit The Bard's Corner by clicking here.)

"The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Coming of Age" (PG-17) And here I thought I was the only one out there writing about all our favorite Amazons when they were young? I was WRONG!! (happily chuckles) This is a very well written story about our favorite Amazon Ephiny, and how she deals with her first battle. L. Fox does a wonderful job integrating the adversity between Velasca and Eph, and personally I feel I came away with the earlier story that was never told on the real life series. A MUST read!

"The Adventures of Young Ephiny: Ephiny Alone" (PG-17) Part 2 in this wonderful series. If possible, this is even more well written than the first part, continuing the elaborate saga of Ephiny's early years.

"I Remember" (PG-13) An EXCELLENT short story that has Gabrielle reminiscing about one of her oldest and dearest friends...


"Terreis' Lover" (NC-17 for Violence) A truly wonderful piece of work here! The timeline is different....Xena the Conqueror has given up her warlord ways to become a respected member of Cyane's tribe. Gabrielle is now the Amazon Queen since Melosa's death in battle. Lorien has left the nation after the death of her lover (Terreis) and has not been seen or heard from for 5 years until an upstart young amazon claims she has seen Lorien, been given her right of caste, and named as her champion. And this amazon wants Gabrielle's throne.

"The Gift" (PG-17) This is a GREAT story! Gabrielle wants commitment but Xena is fighting it with everything she's got. Can the attentions of their possible new traveling companion Misera break through that stone wall around her heart? Read ON...this is really good...very descriptive and well written! (Bardic Excellence Award, May 2001)

T. Novan

"Madame President" (PG-13) One of the absolute BEST Uber stories out there folks! You have to read this. I normally don't like Uber, in fact even Missy Good's Tropical Storm didn't have me checking her site every night for updates...but THIS one is sooooo very worth your perusal! Make sure you have a good 3-4 hours you can blow because you won't be able to stop reading.(Bardic Excellence Award, June 2001)

Elaine Sutherland
I am pleased to present this most reknowned author to you all :)

"Wanting Melosa" (NC-17) There are definitely not enough stories about Queen Melosa in the Xenaverse. Fortunately for you all, I have found one! Queen Hippolyta's husband has been killed, and she has barely escaped with her own life. Having nowhere to go, she seeks out the Amazons and begins to learn the lessons that will show her exactly what it means to be an amazon. The ending is an unexpected one. (Bardic Excellence Award, November 2000)

"Lao Ma's Kiss" (NC-17) And.....there are definitely not enough stories about Lao Ma either! Here we get to listen in on the thoughts behind the actions of Xena and Lao Ma, and gain a better understanding to why they say and do the things they do within the plot. This is very well written.

"The Pappas Journals" (NC-17) An excellent uber story that even made ME fall in love with the characters! (I was NOT an uber fan before reading this!) Take some time and get to know the lovely Melinda Pappas and the brusque, but still completely loveable Janice Covington. A truly touching romantic story. :)

(To read more of Kam's incredible stories, visit his website by clicking here.)

"Champion" (NC-17) What can I say? I loved this story! Well written and poignant. Gabrielle needs a champion so she can defend her throne, and Xena just happens to be in the area. As always. Gabrielle's timing is impeccable and she soon learns why no one messes with tall, dark and deadly gorgeous!

"Champions" (NC-17) Undoubtedly one of the best Xena stories out there...a MUST READ! This is the second in a series, and a different sort of twist on the Xena/Gab relationship...(I really liked the way Ephiny was written. (Bardic Excellence Award, August 2000)

"In The Heart Of The Siege" (NC-17) What an adventure! This incredible piece could easily have been an episode on the television's THAT well written. Xena is taken prisoner while trying to bring a peaceful end to the siege of a city, whilst Gabrielle must rely on what she has learned from the warrior over the years. Here is our beloved Bard, battling her reactions to Xena's "obvious" mistrusting of her skills, and Xena coming to grips that Gabrielle is not just a little girl anymore. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!


"A Second Chance: Gabrielle's Return" (R) TZ has really outdone herself this time! This is a truly wonderful story...set right after Gabrielle plunges into the lava pit, we are witness to Xena's efforts to get her back, and privy to the God's interference on our duo's behalf. Well-written and thoroughly interesting, I'm sure you won't be disappointed when you finish reading it. :)

My OSage

"Another Amazon Princess" (R) Let's step back to a time where Gabrielle is a content, competent Amazon Princess and Xena is every amazon's fantasy. Can they can ignore their instant mutual attraction? I think not...(Bardic Excellence Award, January 2001)


"Lila's Little Adventure" (R) Lila learns something new about her sister when Gabrielle and Xena pay a visit. (Pay attention to the eggs....hehe. A great story, I haven't laughed so hard in a long while! You will enjoy it!)

CN Winters
(To read the racier stories by CN Winters, visit her site by clicking here.)

"The Contest" (NC-17) Where there are gods, there is sure to be mayhem! A bet between Aphrodite and Ares produces chaotic results when it centers around our favorite bard and warrior. Well-written romantic comedy from one of my favorite bards.

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