Hi, and welcome to my Amazon Nation Fan Fiction Page! This is the place where you can read my own and other bards' works...our interpretations of things and how we think they could happen.

I am a very firm believer in "Quality Before Quantity" when it comes to the stories I post! :)


This is the tale of an Amazon blacksmith...now you all may think this is not an exciting thing to write about, but if you hang with me, I guarantee you won't be saying that for long! Read on!

Thank you Lucy and Renee, for six wonderful years of entertainment and inspiration. The characters that you brought to life have changed the lives of many people and given them hope in this world of senseless violence we live in. Be assured these were probably the greatest roles of your lives, because they will be remembered forever. Best of luck to you, and Artemis bless your lives. :)

Fan Fiction

NOTICE!! All stories on these pages are the sole property of the authors, and all original graphics belong to me. DO NOT REPRODUCE OR POST without prior consent! Thank you :)

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Please take a few moments and check out my new friend's most excellent website! She did the cover for my story Unforgetable...just wonderful! Cannot say enough about her work!

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